List of items you need to complete the drone from start to flight




Bricks and Motor mounts has carefully selected all the bricks to make the strongest frame we could design.

Our Digital Sky kit comes with the bricks and all mounts needed to make a solid frame.



Electronics needed to make your frame fly. Below are the ones we used.  You can search the web and look for better pricing.

DJI Naza M Lite Flight Controller with GPS/Compass

Flight Controller, this is what keeps the drone stable.

DJI E300 Tuned Propulsion System (Set of 4)

Propulsion system, this includes your props, motors and ESCs(speed controllers for the motors)

If out of stock try alt:

RC Controller

You will need a way to control it, so you need to get a controller.  There are tons of controllers, but we recommend at least a 6 channel.

One thing to remember about a controller is most will control many different vehicles so although expensive they will last you for years to come so get a good one.

Here is a quality one

Controllers have different modes for different countries, its best if you select the mode that is standard in your country.  In the USA most use Mode 2.  

To learn more follow the link and get the mode you prefer.

Lumenier 3300mAh 4s 35c Lipo Battery

Battery Cable



Other items...


We recommend using Goop E6000 Jewelry and Bead Adhesive as that's what we found works best. GOOP needs 72 hrs to fully dry giving you a chance to move bricks around if you made a mistake. You can use CA glue but it turns white and ugly if your not careful and dries so fast its very hard to use. You can get GOOP from Amazon or most local craft stores like Michaels.


This is used to hold on power board

Electronic Soldering Iron

Most any will do but here is one


This will be used to hold on battery