This story began in 2012 

This is when the world's first flyable and fully autonomous quadcopter frame made completely from LEGO® bricks was created by Software Developer and Designer,  Ed Scott.   Along with his kids, Ed's design took it's flight in December of 2012.  The frame was made entirely from LEGO® bricks and glue, nothing more, to make it fly the electronics were off the shelf hobby components. In 2013 Ed made it a fully autonomous robot using the 3DR APM flight controller, Ed was the first to make a truly autonomous quadcopter made from LEGO® bricks. The project was not only beyond fun, it was extremely educational for the kids and the entire family. So now we want everyone to have the opportunity to build their own drone with LEGO® bricks. 

Uploaded to YouTube

Next Ed uploaded it to YouTube where it was watched over 67,000 times